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Recycling Center in San Jacinto, California

Bring in Your Unwanted Materials for Cash

In business since 1992, San Jacinto Recycling Center pays cash for an assortment of recycling materials. We accept scrap metal, CRV items, cans, plastics, and bottles. Scrap metal recycling offers the highest payout. Be sure to bring identification with you for metal items.

Take advantage of selling items you no longer want or need for quick cash. In addition to metals and plastics, you can unload your vehicle batteries with us as well. We take batteries from boats, RVs, automobiles, motorcycles, and heavy equipment.
Scrap Metal - Recycling Services - San Jacinto, CA
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Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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About Us

San Jacinto Recycling Center of San Jacinto, California, is proud to offer top-notch recycling services for more than 20 years to the communities of San Jacinto and beyond. We specialize in aluminum recycling, glass recycling, scrap metals, residential recycling services, commercial and industrial recycling services, copper scrap metal recycling, steel and iron scrap metal recycling, appliance recycling, vehicle battery recycling, and more!

We are the only one that offers a full service recycling center. Our team will unload all of your scrap from your vehicle. We ask that all materials be separated, but we will do all of the heavy lifting. We will handle the dirty work so you can get in, get paid, and get out.

Most places will tell you to do 50% of the work and unloading. They will give you a voucher to take to another location and take a percentage off that. That is not our policy. We pay cash on the spot. Stop by today for the best prices and service!