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Scrap Metal Recycling in San Jacinto, California

San Jacinto Recycling Center handles scrap metal and vehicle recycling in San Jacinto, California. We offer a full service by helping you unload all your items.

CRV Items, Cans, Plastics, & Bottles

San Jacinto Recycling Center will pay you cash for your unwanted cans, plastics, and bottles. We offer competitive cash payouts and will strive for excellent customer satisfaction. Unlike other recycling centers, we are a full service facility.

We assist you in unloading your goods and will offer an immediate cash payout. There is no waiting and there is nothing more to do.

Please take caps off your bottles. All materials must be free and clear of foreign objects, including debris, dirt, liquid, etc.
Recycle Batteries - Recycling Services - San Jacinto, CA


Metal items include steel, aluminum, copper, and lead. Bring your scrap metal to San Jacinto Recycling Center to receive the maximum payout. We require a thumb print and ID for metals.


We accept vehicle batteries from RVs, boats, autos, motorcycles, and heavy equipment. Price payouts change daily. Visit us to find out the daily rates.
Contact our recycling center in San Jacinto, California, to unload all your recyclables.